Lower Limb (Leg) Surgery Procedure

Leg injury

A crush injury is an injury by an object that causes compression of the body, and injury to muscles, bone, nerves, arteries and veins.

Non Healing Leg Wounds

A chronic leg ulcer is defined as a defect in the skin below the level of knee persisting for more than six weeks and shows no tendency to heal after three or more months.

Leg Implant Exposure

Exposure of orthopaedic implants before fracture union is quite frequent in clinical practice. Internal fixating devices,such as intramedullary (IM) nails and plates

Leg Cancer Reconstruction

Amputation was traditionally the only option available for patients with sarcomas of the extremities, chemotherapy, radiation, and advances


Resection of tumours of the femur and tibia around the knee and ankle joints results in large bony defects. Often arthrodesis is an alternative.

Corn Removal

Many patients don’t realise that the unsightly rub lesions over toe knuckles can most often be permanently removed with modern surgical techniques