Face and upper body liposuction

Liposuction Surgery in Pune | Dr. Rahul Dalal

The arms and upper body are the areas that consistently yield the highest patient satisfaction and happiness rating. The volume of fat on the arms and the upper body may not be reduced by regular exercise.
Some of common goals for arm liposuction are:

to improve cosmetic appearance so the patient is more comfortable and less self-conscious when wearing a sleeveless blouse or tank top,
to make symmetric and proportional appearance of both arms,
to achieve a thinner appearance of the arms

Accessory Breasts (Anterior Axillary Fat Pads)

The bulges in front of the armpit called anterior axillary fat pads or accessory breasts become more apparent with age and obesity level especially after the pregnancy. As if accessory breasts, the anterior axillary fat pads can be disproportionately large even in some relatively thin women.

Posterior Axillary Fat Pads

The excessive fat just behind the arm-pit on the side of the back called posterior axillary fat pads make the appearance of women’s back look too masculine and triangular shaped. Naturally, they do not want to wear sleeveless dress or tank top. For the best result, it is better to do liposuction of arms and axillary fat pads and upper back.

Female Back

This procedure is popular among individuals who have localized fat in the upper and lower back. Liposuction of the back can decrease fullness in the upper and lower backs with reduction of subcutaneous fat and can result in skin retraction, particularly with PAL. Due to the thicker skin and more fibrous fat found in the upper back, more skin retraction results in the upper back than in the lower back. Liposuction of the back is a nice complement to abdominoplasty to achieve an overall improvement in contour of the torso. Liposuction of the upper and lower back secondarily unmasks and enhances the buttock region as well. The sacrum often has a fatty deposit that responds well to liposuction and also helps contour the buttock.

Liposuction of the female back can dramatically improve female shape. There are several different major fat areas in the back:

Upper back – It is often called the buffalo hump and is on the upper back near the neck.
Mid back – Infra-scapular fat (female flanks) is often called the bra roll. It is located between the waist and the shoulder blades.
Posterior axillary – It is located on the upper-outer back near the armpit.
Franks – Posterior waist fat is located above and posterior to the hips.
Lower back – Lumbo-sacral fat pad is located in midline of the lower back, just above the tailbone.