Also known as a body lift, body contouring surgery includes various procedures to assist in removing and tightening excess skin in the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper torso and upper arms.

Body-contouring removal and tightening of excessively loose skin helps to improve walking and physical activities, achieve a more suitable clothing size, assists in giving you more confidence in your appearance, and improves hygiene and overall comfort. It’s important to remain realistic of what can be achieved for you.

The aim of body contouring surgery is to remove and tighten excess skin, usually after massive or significant weight loss. It is also used to tighten saggy skin due to childbirth or ageing.

As well as being uncomfortable and heavy, excess skin can cause:

✔ Difficulty in walking and exercising
✔ Poor posture
✔ Aching of the back and shoulders
✔ Chronic rashes and infections in the folds
✔ Personal hygiene issues due to the accumulation of sweat and problems with through cleaning of affected areas
✔ Low or poor self-esteem

Body contouring surgery may be effective in assisting with a normal clothing size, easier walking and physical activities, improved hygiene and comfort.

Body contouring surgery incorporates a range of aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures including:

✔ Tummy tuck
✔ Liposuction
✔ Body Lift
✔ Thigh Lift
✔ Arm Lift